General Benefits of Bat Guano • Protects and improves the physical structure of the soil, plat roots develop better, increases efficiency. • Increases product quality. The products grown by bat guano have difference in taste due to the natural character of bat guano. The shelf life of the product is longer. • Provides 10-15 days early growth in the plant. • Enriches the soil by its rich macro and micro nutritive elements. • Does not pollute the soil due to its environment friendly nature. • Provides improvement in the soil which contains chemical materials, polluted with chemical pesticides and including heavy metals. • Improves the water holding capacity of the soil. Therefore irrigation amount is decreased. • Increases ventilation capacity of the soil, makes it easier for the soil to get prepared for sowing. • Makes positive contribution on plant and speed up the growth. • Decreases erosion risk. Because, it plays a role in clustering of the grain on the surface of the soil. • Prevent formation of compressed soil. Provides easy processing of soil by preventing formation of hard layers on the soil surface. • Provides an increase in the microorganisms in the soil, provides establishment of biological balance by bringing microorganism amount to a convenient level. These microorganisms increase the beneficial aspects of the nutritive elements in the soil; makes it easier for the plant to receive such nutritive elements. • Regulated Ph and the heat of the soil. • Its effects are long termed; therefore less fertiliser may be used in the year following the fertilisation. • Its cost effective, provides easy storing and use. • May be used during all season. BAT GUANO Effects of the bat guano which no laboratory can make and which is accepted as the best organic fertilizer on earth…. Bat guano is obtained through an extremely technological processing of the bat manure obtained from the natural environment. • Contains nitrogen and potassium • High in organic matter • Does not cause salting • Provides healthy, natural and fast growth in plants due to its content ratios • Grown products do not pose chemical effects • Easy to use • May be mixed with water and penetration to soil may be done easily • Increases water hodling capacity of the soil • Ventilates the soil • Preserves its effects for a long time • May be stored for long terms under dry conditions • It is the pioneering fertilizer among organic fertilizers available on earth Bat guano is rich in “bioremediation microorganisms”. For example, in 100 ml of guano there are approximately 100 ml bacteria. These microorganisms, on one hand supporting the decomposition of the soil toxins increases the quality and the nutrition of soil and on the other hand they are responsible for the degradation and change of the organic components which are naturally in the guano. These features are beneficial specifically for increasing the efficiency in growing potato, tomato and etc. vegetables. For this purpose, macro-nutritive elements in its content ( N,P,K being ahead, Mg, Ca; S, Na and CI) and micro-nutritive elements (FE, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo) are used as fertilizers inargiculture. Bat guano of which the mineral content is a perfect fertilizer may also be benefitted from for growing flowers and decoration plants at homes and at offices. Bat Guano has nematocide and fungicide effects due to 15-20% of humic and fulvic acid content. By degrading the first phase of the nematodes with the nematocide effect makes them ineffective. These ineffective nematodes protect the root systems that are important for the nutrition and for the production of the plant. In bird and in bats half of the nitrogen is dropped off with the guano and the other half is dropped off as urea and degraded fast to ammonium nitrogen (NH4+). Phosphorus and potassium are found in the guano as P205 and K2O, respectively. Bat guano, as in the guano of other birds includes both of the wastes as a mixture and it is known as the natural source of the phosphorus in the world. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are given as a % in the guano and shortly indicated by (N-P-K). Knowing the minerals of the bat guano is s important as knowing the content of a commercial fertilizer and determines the commercial value of the guano. The mineral content of the guano are affected by many factors such as type, humidity ratio, ration collection and storing losses; etc.

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