ABOUT ANNIBAT Bat Guano Guano is a fine-grained mixture of different phosphates such as the calcium hydrogen phosphates brushite and monetite, the calcium phosphate whitlockite, as well as various apatites and nitates and organic compounds. Among other things, it originates from the pasty excrements of bats and is called bat guano. Guano in general, as well as bat guano has been a recognized fertiliser in agriculture since the 19th century. In 1908, the German chemist Fritz Haber succeeded in producing synthetic ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen – for which he received the patent (Haber-Bosch process) in 1910 and the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1918; thus, during the First World War, he secured not only the production of fertilisers but also of ordnance for Germany. The introduction of the Haber-Bosch process led to a drastic reduction in guano consumption. However, the consequences for soils from the artificially produced guano cannot yet be predicted. Organic foods, for example, can only be fertilised with natural fertilisers such as our bat guano. The word guano originates from the South American Andean dialect Quecha and is called “wanu” there. The word “guano” developed over the Spanish language. ANNIBAT is a bat fertiliser from the caves in which bats are found, which gets collected and analysed with great care. The dung is sieved, dried by heat treatment and then treated and packed in a high-tech process. The fertiliser is free of additives, is odourless, has a high nutritional value content, is completely organic and thus increases yields. You can add it reliable for garden and potted plants, for lawn and for biological gardening, vegetables and fruit growing. Bat fertiliser is the raw material for natural phosphorus. The dung contains biological sticksto, potassium, humic and fulvic acid, Calcium, zinc. Iron, boron and other natural elements and trace elements. This way, it ensures early ripening of vegetables and fruit for a higher yield. and for a full taste. Furthermore, for a longer durability and for a healthy root development. Due to the natural phosphorus, it is used for pot and Garden flowers for full bloom. ANNIBAT is an organic fertiliser, which is completely fermented through centuries of development in naturally air-conditioned cavities. It contains millions of micro-organisms that are very useful for all plants.
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