What’s the difference between organic
bat fertiliser and other organic fertilisers?
1. The excretions of our pets are often used as fertiliser, which is called organic fertiliser. Since these animals live in the environment of our civilization, their food may be contaminated with residues of inorganic and chemical additives or hormone additives, which are still detectable in their excretions. Because this fertiliser is only stored for a relatively short period of time, it is rotted incompletely and therefore cannot completely decompose these residues. In addition, it is frequently contaminated with weed seeds and pathogens such as fusariums and nematodes. Its low degree of fermentation reduces the availability of plant nutrients, especially trace elements.
2. ANNIBAT bat fertiliser, on the other hand, consists 100% of the excretions of bats that feed on hundreds of harmful insects every night. They digest only 1/5 of their food and excrete 4/5 in their resting caves. In humid climates with constant temperatures there are ideal conditions for the complete fermentation of the excrements, which were deposited away from civilization over centuries. This makes it an excellent fertiliser with fast plant availability. It has a high content of proteins, humic acid and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and trace elements. The bacteria and fungi contained in it activate the soil life and the insect extracts increase the soil fertility and provide for a good taste.
3. ANNIBAT bat fertiliser is obtained from the sediments of bats that have been stored for centuries and live far from human influences and feed on insects. It is therefore free of chemical and hormonal residues. It is completely fermented and therefore a quickly available vitamin and mineral deposit for plants and soils. The introduction of diseases into plants and soils is avoided and soil fertility is increased by the uniform availability of nutrients. Soil life is activated by the microorganisms living in it.
ANNIBAT Bat fertiliser is 100% natural, more organic than anything commonly referred to as organic fertiliser.
ANNIBAT Bat fertiliser is the organic fertiliser.

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