Dear customers,
The bats are unlike thousands of other bird species in the world, bats do not have feathers and perhaps this is why they do not fly during the day, but in the darkness of the night. When night falls, the bats leave the caves where they live and eat hundreds of pests to maintain the natural balance of nature. They fly to daybreak and, being blind, find their way and their destination miraculously through the sound waves they propagate. In this way, they also capture the insects they will eat. When morning falls, they return to their caves, rest until evening and digest what they have eaten from night to day. Bats digest only 15% of the ingested food, which is why the excretions in the cave where they nest, far from any exposure to the sun, remain in the climatic environment of the cave for many years and ferment to this organic fertilizer. This fact has not been entirely known to many of us, including myself, who are not professionals or possess a spirit of research. How many of us know that especially the excrements of bats are a miraculous organic fertilizer, that it contains a lot of organic substances, phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, protein, calcium and iron and many other elements, that they are the raw material for natural phosphorus? Our company, VISION Industry and Trade GmbH, has had this fantastic organic fertilizer collected by hand in the caves in the steep mountainsides of Anatolia. The bat fertilizer has been dried, heat-treated, ground and packaged in the modern facilities of our main producer company according to European Union standards, without the addition of any additives in its completely organic, natural form.

We aim to offer you, dear customers, the high quality AnniBAT fertilizer produced in this way in user-friendly packaging and have realised AnniBAT. Our laboratory analyses have shown that the proportion of organic elements and minerals in bat fertilizers differs not only from cave to cave, but even within a cave depending on the location. There are even differences in the concentration of organic elements and minerals, depending on whether the raw material for the bat fertilizer is in the same place in the cave at a depth of one metre or three metres. However, we have adhered to our goal of offering AnniBAT in the most ideal packaging to our esteemed customers, and we have indicated the average of the minimum and maximum values determined by us on the packaging. We are pleased that we have succeeded in offering you with our AnniBAT brand a fertiliser that is 100% natural, produced in accordance with EU standards and packed to a high quality standard, which is suitable for all plants, whether flowers, trees or lawns, fruit or vegetables. Our product AnniBAT enriches the soil, increases the yield by 30-70%, provides richer flowers and tastier fruits. We are aware that with our product we are restoring the balance of nature, which has been destroyed by chemical products, and that with our product we are actually doing good service to humanity.

With kind regards,
S. Emir
managing director

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