• Fertilised with ANNIBAT bat fertiliser, the fruit and Vegetables compared to plants that are grown with other fertilisers, are richer in flavour. This means that the products can be stored longer even after harvesting.

• ANNIBAT- Bat fertiliser protects and improves the physical nature of the soil and the plant roots.

• ANNIBAT- Bat fertiliser provides for a 10 to 15 days early ripening of the plants.

• The substantial macro- and micronutrients from ANNIBAT bat fertiliser enrichen the soil.

• ANNIBAT bat fertiliser prevents the formation of solid and impermeable layers of soil. This makes working the soil much easier.

• ANNIBAT bat fertiliser regulates the pH-value of the soil positive.

• The effect of ANNIBAT bat fertiliser lasts a long time. Therefore, in the year following the first fertilisation, less fertiliser can be used.

• As a result of the yield of ANNIBAT bat fertilisers, costs are low and storage as well as the application of the fertiliser are easy to handle.

• ANNIBAT bat fertiliser can be used in a supportive and nurturing way in any season of the year.

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