After graduating in engineering, Mr. Emir worked for three years as a production engineer and as a maintenance and repair technician at a chemical plant in Elazig, Turkey. Afterwards he worked for six years as a manager and seven years as deputy business manager for a sack kraft paper factory in Elazig, Turkey. From 1989 – 2012, Mr. Emir, successfully managed a company in a weaving mill industry, with a workforce of 200 employees and a material capacity of 30,000 m/day. In 2013 Mr. Emir was introduced to bat fertilizers by an acquaintance. After months of research on the product, Mr. EMIR has found out that bat dung worldwide cannot be compared to other fertilizers of the same quality.

VISION Industry & Trade GmbH was founded in 2013 by Sahap Emir in Germany in order to distribute high-quality organic fertilizers from his homeland, as well as other emerging special fertilizers from bat guano.

The VISION Industry & Trade GmbH aims to offer only bat guano made of
selected caves of Anatolia under sustainable and environmentally friendly methods to be cultivated and processed. The VISION Industry & Trade GmbH is aware of its responsibility to the animals and has its bat guano cultivated only manually and without the help of machinery.

VISION Industry & Trade GmbH delivers its ANNIBAT trademark from Germany to farmers, institutions, gardeners and private households throughout the EU. VISION Industry & Trade GmbH directs its interest to customers who prefer a natural and sustainable cultivation rather than a chemical one.

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